Space Trader Version: 1.2.2
Palm OS: 2.0 and higher (at least 3.5 needed for color or grayscales)
Size: 393K (color), 337K (gray), 284K (b&w).

Version 1.2.2 is upwards compatible with all previous versions. You can upgrade without losing your current game.

There are three versions of Space Trader available in the download file: a color version, a grayscales version and a black & white version. Make sure you install the right version for your Palm. The black & white version works always, but, of course, doesn't look as good as the other versions.

Download Space Trader!

The Space Trader documentation is also available in iSilo format, so you can read it on your Palm if you have iSilo free installed. Download the Space Trader iSilo documentation here.

The Space Trader source code is available under a GPL license. You can download it here.

If you are in the lucky possession of a Palm that can download applications directly from the web, here are direct links to the PRC files of the color, grayscales and black & white version of the game.

The previous version of Space Trader is still online. This is in case the current release hasn't been beta-tested enough, or if people want to compare the two versions. You'll find version 1.2.1 here, and the source code of 1.2.1 here.

New in version 1.2.2

New in version 1.2.1