It pleases me that Space Trader has generally had favorable reviews.

Handheld Magazine elected Space Trader as the best game of the year 2000 in the category "freeware games". Thanks Handheld Magazine!

Palm Boulevard has awarded Space Trader a Palm Boulevard Best. A great honor indeed.

The folks at CNet rated Space Trader as one of their own "picks".

ZDnet gave Space Trader 5 stars. Cool! (Last time I looked they had removed the ratings altogether, but I had those stars!) It now also is one of the site's own "picks".

Gamespot ran an article called "Gaming on the go" which named Space Trader as one of the top-5 games for the Palm.

USA today's Leonard Fischer in a short but incisive review called Space Trader "sophisticated and impressive".

WomenGamers named Space Trader as the runner up for the best Palm game in the category Text games. Thanks, Banshee!

Space Trader can be found at PalmGear where many players have written positively about the game. Thanks!

MorePalm published an in-depth review of Space Trader, giving it 5 out of 5 stars and naming as the only Con that the game is "addictive".

TuCows gave the game 4 cows... They reviewed version 1.0 of Space Trader (the one without pictures and a lot less features) and I scored 29 points, needing 30 points for a "5 cows" rating. Maybe they could re-review the latest version?

Rutger Boot of the Nederlandse Palmclub (Dutch Palmclub) wrote a nice review in my own native language stating that Space Trader is the first game that he likes to play in a very long time.

At RocketDownload Space Trader was awarded 5 rockets and called "exceptionally sophisticated". I'm blushing.

PDA Street picked Space Trader as one of the top 5 free games. A good accomplishment, though not that impressive if you notice that one of the other games in the top 5 is SexyPoker...

Jacob Clark of PDArcade wrote a nice review of Space Trader, giving it 5 stars.

Users of VersionTracker awarded Space Trader 5 stars.

Users of PalmTown also gave Space Trader 5 stars.